Activating the TVA (transverse abdominus)

Fitness Model, Jamie Eason

Alright, I’m still not done with this TVA stuff yet. I talked about where the transverse abdominus is and why we need to work them (here if you missed that post). First things first, you have to find and activate your TVA muscles before you can work them out. Basically, you gotta wake them up! […]

8 Week PP Baby & Me Exercises

Last week I focused on using only my baby as my weight for the majority of my exercises. It didn’t take me long to break a sweat using my little guy. Here is a video of the exercises I enjoyed doing the most!

Let’s talk: Mama Pooch Belly

Pooch days after 1st pregnancy (Dec 2013)

If you are a mom you will know EXACTLY what I am talking about. The dreaded mama pooch belly. It’s that stubborn area that doesn’t go away as easily as we want post baby. It seems to hang on forever and no amount of crunches or sit ups seems to make it budge. I have had […]

Tot Remarks

My tot says some pretty funny stuff these days and I just have to share because these comments made me laugh out loud. Gotta love this age. 1. Her and I are sitting on the bed and it’s about 4pm. Her: “Where is my Dad?” Me: “At work.” She jumps off the bed and as she […]

1st Mama & Baby Home Workout

Image 6

This week I am officially 8 weeks postpartum! After doing some basic exercises last week to start seen here I am ready to step up my game and use my baby weight to get going. Find creative ways to use your baby in your workouts. It makes it more fun and as they continue to grow […]

7 Week Postpartum Exercises


As I said before I am not rushing into any hardcore workouts. That would just be asking for an injury off the bat. I spent the first 6 weeks caring for my baby and toddler and that was plenty of exercise. We did some walks but I was not actively trying to fit in a […]

Postpartum All clear


I just had my 6 week postpartum appointment which actually turned out to at 7 weeks post birth but it was a great appointment. I got the all clear to begin workouts again and to celebrate I used my Christmas gift cards to get some new workout gear. I know everyone says this but new workout […]

Daily Crazy-December 31


I thought it would be fun to do a post now and then with a quick run down on what goes down in a day around our house. A bit of a look inside our crazy life with two kids, three if you count my husband, and a couple dogs. Some days the stars align and […]

5 Weeks PP

Image 3

Hi everyone! I am back and hoping to get back to writing more frequently. There are many more challenges with two kids but I want to find time to write again especially when I get the all clear to start workouts again. It’s been 5 weeks since I had my son and we had an […]

29 Weeks (Recap)

Image 2

Well officially we have 9 weeks or less depending on when little guy decides to come. I had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend because I got to go swimming twice! Not just bob around in the pool with my daughter, like usual, but actually swim laps! Thanks to my mom for coming down and letting me […]