LONG update on life…life with FPIES

It has been a busy, hectic, tiresome last two months. I haven’t had the energy to write or really know where to start. So much has happened, changed and is still changing. But before I get to lengthy let me just say I knew from the time my son was 3 weeks old that something […]

Colic Baby Workout

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Now that my son is 3 months old we seem to be past the crazy colic like evenings. It all started when he caught a cold at 3 weeks old and accompanied with reflux and lactose overload, he was super fussy every night as soon as the sun started to go down. I would spend a good […]



Comparison. This word popped in my head today during lunch after a brief conversation with some friends about my mama pooch. Let me just preface this by saying a few things. Lady 1: I hate you for your amazing artistic and creative eye and the ability to capture perfect moments with your children on film. It’s […]

12 Weeks Preggo Weekly Workouts

Last week I started working out again. It’s true that first step is the hardest but then it slowly gets easier. Since I took probably about 2 months off from working out my leg day routine left me sore for 5 days!! I felt like I was walking like a 9 month preggo lady all […]

Healthy snacks delivered to my door!


I love getting fun mail and have always enjoyed a good magazine subscription to look forward to each month. Since becoming a mom I find I have no time to read much less remember to read when I get a free moment. With that said I really don’t receive any magazines anymore and have seemed to […]

First Trimester Roundup

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Whoo, I just completed my first trimester with baby #2 and this one was TOTALLY different than my first pregnancy. I was much more sick this go around and chasing a toddler around daily added to the exhaustion. I can’t say I wasn’t warned because many second time moms told me it would be different. Before we got pregnant […]

Introducing my new workout partner

Hi, and welcome to my new blog! Like many moms out there, I have many great habits and a list of not so great habits. This blog is all about my journey as a mom and the habits I create through fitness, nutrition, and family along the way. I hope to encourage and inspire others but […]