Postpartum All clear


I just had my 6 week postpartum appointment which actually turned out to at 7 weeks post birth but it was a great appointment. I got the all clear to begin workouts again and to celebrate I used my Christmas gift cards to get some new workout gear. I know everyone says this but new workout […]

5 Weeks PP

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Hi everyone! I am back and hoping to get back to writing more frequently. There are many more challenges with two kids but I want to find time to write again especially when I get the all clear to start workouts again. It’s been 5 weeks since I had my son and we had an […]

29 Weeks (Recap)

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Well officially we have 9 weeks or less depending on when little guy decides to come. I had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend because I got to go swimming twice! Not just bob around in the pool with my daughter, like usual, but actually swim laps! Thanks to my mom for coming down and letting me […]

Be Your Own Motivation!

As a growing pregnant lady it’s hard not to notice how big I am getting with each growing day. I don’t step on the scale much anymore and when I do it’s to record my weight with the corresponding gestational week and note it in my journal to see how it compares to my first […]

18-25 Weeks..Catch Up

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It’s been quite awhile since I gave a bump update but we have had an eventful summer of travels that has kept me busy. Since our baby is due in November we won’t be traveling for any holidays so we had to make the most of this summer and me being early in the pregnancy. […]

Pregnant Couch Potato

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I have had many people ask me why I am even working out pregnant when I should just kick back and enjoy this time and not worry about gym time. I know for some pregnancy is a time to lay back and veg out but for me it’s just not my lifestyle. First off I […]

Sleep, Eat, Move

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Once you get pregnant there are so many questions and concerns and what ifs that just cross your mind all the time. Now that this is my second baby I know the gist of how things go but this go around I have been much more interested in exactly how much exercise I can do, […]

14 Weeks Weekly


Week 13 was spent cleaning and party prepping for the little’s 2nd Birthday so I got zero workouts in. Thus, why we are here at 14 weeks with a post. I decided I am lacking motivation in the home workout department and needed something extra to get me moving so I joined a gym..with a […]