Own your skin. Own your excuses.

Let’s talk about honesty and taking responsibility for where we are at currently with our health. We all have health and fitness goals  whether it be to lose the baby weight, lose weight in general, gain weight or muscle, slim down for a wedding, or perhaps just eat healthier to feel better. Before you dive into […]

7 Months Postpartum + Making Changes

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Today I am 7 months postpartum. Really, he is already 7 months?! This baby stage has seemed really long some days and to quick other days. I love seeing his little legs kick in times of joy, hear him say mama in the wee hours of the night and see that spark in his eyes when his […]

New Workout Program-Before Pics

On Tuesday I started a new workout program. I like to write my own workouts but lately I am so tired that I mentally don’t have it in me to put together my own plan. So I am trying something new for the next few months and started planning my attack mode last week. I […]

Colic Baby Workout

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Now that my son is 3 months old we seem to be past the crazy colic like evenings. It all started when he caught a cold at 3 weeks old and accompanied with reflux and lactose overload, he was super fussy every night as soon as the sun started to go down. I would spend a good […]

Super Bowl, Stairs, and Sun

This is how my Super Bowl Sunday went down. I put the kids down to nap and naturally just as one fell asleep the other woke up. I had my heart on a good nap as well but that didn’t play out. So, I checked my weather app (because I am pretty much at that age […]

Mama & Tot Workout

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My little girl is at the age where she loves to do anything that I am doing or attempt to help me. So what better time to get her involved with my workouts than now. Here are some exercises you and your kiddo can do! WALL PUSH UPS: We did these against our garage door after playing […]

I skipped the gym last week for Neal Caffrey


I went out of town last week without my husband but with the kids and I spent all my free time and late nights with Mr. Neal Caffrey. Do you know him? Can you blame me? He is the star of White Collar and I really enjoyed binge watching the show on Netflix  all week. Yes, […]

Week 9 Mommy & Me Exercises (Transverse Abs Movements)

A little late on my weekly exercises but here we go…To close the loop on transverse abdominus (that deep muscle under your 6 pack..umm or where we wish our 6 pack was), this post is all about exercises to work them out now that you have woke them up and know how to engage them. The […]

Activating the TVA (transverse abdominus)

Fitness Model, Jamie Eason

Alright, I’m still not done with this TVA stuff yet. I talked about where the transverse abdominus is and why we need to work them (here if you missed that post). First things first, you have to find and activate your TVA muscles before you can work them out. Basically, you gotta wake them up! […]

8 Week PP Baby & Me Exercises

Last week I focused on using only my baby as my weight for the majority of my exercises. It didn’t take me long to break a sweat using my little guy. Here is a video of the exercises I enjoyed doing the most!