Own your skin. Own your excuses.

Let’s talk about honesty and taking responsibility for where we are at currently with our health. We all have health and fitness goals  whether it be to lose the baby weight, lose weight in general, gain weight or muscle, slim down for a wedding, or perhaps just eat healthier to feel better. Before you dive into what foods to eat, how much to exercise, what supplements you should look into, etc the most important thing you can do is be honest with yourself about where you currently stand. How can you get to your destination if you don’t know where you are right now? I am talking beyond accepting the generalized, “I gained some pounds and need to shed them.” That is to broad. I am talking about specifics of why you are where you are right now. Are you overweight? If so then own the fact that you let diet and exercise slip off the priority list. Own the fact that you took shortcuts and continually choose convenience with food over quality with food. Don’t let the excuses fog your honesty with yourself. You didn’t gain the weight from that one weekend of bad eating and excess drinking. You gained some bloat.  Be real, you gained it over time and so own it so you can make the changes and move forward.  If you are pregnant, remember you gained all this weight over 40 weeks so be real and don’t expect it to come off in 8 weeks. Be realistic. If you can’t take accountability for where you are today, and everything that lead you to this point in time, no workout plan, bulk bag of salad or weight loss pill is going to lead you to success. Short term success? Yes. Rapid results? Probably. But short term success is well, short lived. Cutting corners got you to this point so will cutting corners to a better you really give you long term fulfilling success? Nope, it sure wont.

Here we go..some honesty with my current state if you will.

STATUS/GOAL: I am underweight. I am to thin.  I’ve lost a lot of muscle over the last 6 months. I want to gain muscle to feel stronger from the inside out and look stronger overall.


I am a mom. I barely have time to eat for myself thus any extra time to focus on my health right now. I’ll get it together in a few months when my baby isn’t teething, my toddler isn’t clingy, and my husband is in town to share the workload.

I have been nursing a baby on a restricted diet due to his sensitivites to dairy and soy so having to restrict my calories and being this thin is just a sacrifice for my baby right now until he stops nursing around the age of 1.

When my baby starts sleeping through the night I can get back to steady workouts and diet.


I make time for social media. I make time to paint my toes. I make time to chat on the phone with my mom while I am chasing kids. I don’t make any time to plan out my “get healthy plan” but clearly the time is there. If it’s a priority, you make time for it.

My babies sensitivities led me to a quick rapid weight loss that was in no way a healthy weight loss or a healthy way to lose weight. I shocked my body by removing processed foods but didn’t replace my much needed daily calorie count with beneficial calories. Fruits and veggies were not on his sensitive list so increasing my fruit and veggie intake could have given me more calories per day but I chose convenient carbs (white bread & pasta) over and over because if you let them, empty calories always worm their way in and win.

My baby is 8 months old and wakes up 3-6 times a night. He still doesn’t sleep through the night and I can not control when he will so instead of using that as a crutch I can control my attitude and quit “waiting”. He keeps getting heavier and prolonging my workouts keep making me weaker.


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