The One

It’s not our anniversary or anything but I was thinking about my love story because my daughter has been asking to wear my rings and tells me Daddy rescued me from a tall castle. She is really into the Rapunzel story. I can remember going through high school and then college wondering who I would end up marrying some day. There were obvious relationships that I knew were just temporary and knew it would never amount to anything. Then there were a few relationships that I wanted to be something great but the signs just weren’t there and there was more bad than good. I can honestly say I had one great love in college. He was really good to me. He had an amazing family and we dated for 3 years. But the topic of getting married and starting a family was not near and dear to him as it was to me. I knew I wanted that and he wanted that many, many years down the road. It’s the one relationship I look back on and feel like it was a healthy love with great memories but after 3 years we knew we just weren’t suppose to continue anymore. I imminently got into another relationship and it wasn’t a good one. There wasn’t a lot of trust in it and he kept talking about marriage. One thought continually popped into my head, “please don’t let him ask me quite yet. Not this trip. Not yet. Not ready yet.” Looking back, there was my sign. I shouldn’t have needed more time to wait and see if we were a good fit. My gut was telling me loud and clear. But I wasn’t hearing it until…my now husband walked into my life. I can still picture the day he walked into work and all I thought was, “Wow, that man has long legs. Who wears a backpack to work? He walks to the building and back to his truck a lot. Hmm.”  We met at work. He never came in with the rise and grind crowd. He came through around 9-10am alone but never said much. He would say a few things to me here and there but never fully give me any much attention or ask me anything about me. I asked him for his number so that he could go out to the bar with us (my bf at the time and my friends). He rejected my offer to write his number down and instead handed me a business card with his information. Of course I said, “really a business card? You are to good to write your number down?” This was the first time and last time a man had ever given me his phone number via business card. It worked. It stuck with me because it was so odd!! We continued to talk at work here and there. Each conversation was all about him and that ticked me off to no end. It was during a time in my life that I worked on my car a lot. So we talked about cars and he even worked on mine a tad before we started car pooling together to work. This was a good 45 minute drive. Still a drive where the conversation was primarily all about him. The nerve! He came over to my apartment one night and him and my then boyfriend played guitar. He was really good. He will say this was what sealed the deal but for me it was the song he played really struck a cord with me. It was the one song that reminded me of my Grandma since she passed.  He didn’t know this and when I think about it now, it was a sign in some way. That song still will always bring a tear to my eye when I hear it. Well after a few months I dumped that boyfriend for MANY reasons but mostly because I really felt I needed to see where this new guy relationship would go. We starting dating and I can remember thinking a few months in, “I hope he asks me to marry him. I hope he asks me.” I always felt like we would have a great future and wanted to start a life with him. One of my favorite early dating memories was us both calling into work, on the way into work and spending the day in Cloudcroft. It was so much fun and definitely set the precedence for our sense of adventure and the need to skip town! It’s funny that my daughter says Daddy rescued me from a tall tower because I did live on the 2nd floor in an apartment complex when I met him. However, I like to think I rescued him from being 30 and single.


Cloudcroft Hookey Day


First Date/Out of Town Trip 2008

We have now been together almost 7 years and I am so grateful he came into my life, as awkwardly as it may have been. He is not a normal guy by any means but I love that about him. That same non normal also drives me up a wall sometimes. Many days I can get caught up focusing on all the negatives and the things that annoy me about him. So much so that they cloud my focus on all the positives and overall amazingness that he embodies. How do we get so stuck on the negatives so quickly? Does replacing a trash bag really even matter in the grand scheme of things or somehow make him a bad person? No, but somedays I can paint that picture very well. I am a woman of course! Even on the days where I am up to my neck in frustration I still have an inner peace and calmness about how he is most certainly my man, my husband, and my partner. Kids make marriage harder all around but he is a fantastic father to our kiddos and while we give all of our time and energy to our children first and foremost right now, we are trying to balance our us time as well. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day routine but there is something about looking at photos of us that can make me forget everything going on and just smile at us. Just us.

Since we met, we have always said we don’t understand why we work so well together because we have such different interests and hobbies. Some days we seem to travel down the road clunking and with our hubcaps falling off. Other days, all parts are in working motion and we are cruising smoothly along enjoying our 2002 leather seats…meow! We may not know why we jive together, but all I know is it works and that is all that matters.

4th of July 2008

1st Holiday: 4th of July 2008. Hun-that hat is gone just like pool parties and drinks.


Cruise Proposal 2010. Take a nap, wake up slightly comb hair, go see the sunset and say yes to a diamond ring. A good day.


Jason and Meghan Engagement 172

No kids. No mortgage. Just 2 kids wanting to be married


Jason and Meghan Engagement 274

Engagement makes one look romantically at the mountains during sunset.



The Wedding 2011


Sunset on our wedding day-my absolute favorite



The Honeymoon 2011. Post stingray chase.


Happy 30th Birthday Cruise! 2013


“Quando uno noche por el caballo” -Mexico Random Memories Bday Cruise


Daddy Daughter 2013


Daddy Son 2015

Daddy Son 2015


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