Who is the role model here?

I’ve got a toddler. There are many days and many situations where the things she does really frustrate me. I know most are done out of curiousity and experimentation so to calm me down I really try to focus on that.

  • Loading up her toothbrush with lotion because she wants to see how it taste
  • Hearing me holler “scrub with soap after you go potty” to which she takes to mean, scrub her hands, arms, face, neck…all with soap and LOTS of it
  • Filling up Daddy’s water cup with water from the dog bowl. Yum!

If you have a toddler you know these can be some challenging days. I love that she is curious and I love that she is testing boundaries because one should never just accept a rule because someone says so. How about just always accept mom is right ok? But you know what is really cool about this age? The fact that she sees the world in a really positive light.

She wakes up in the morning and the first thing I see is a big smile. Either a smile at her brother when she leans over and says, “Hiiii” or a smile and hug to me saying, “Mama let’s get up”. She doesn’t wake up telling us she barely got any sleep or she is dreading the day. No, she has a ray of sunshine on her side always. She puts her clothes on and bows in her hair and tells me how beautiful she looks. She never tells me she doesn’t like her clothes or they aren’t trendy enough but that thought crosses my mind because I am an adult and I’ve been programmed to think this way much of the time. She doesn’t tell me she wishes she had straight hair instead of curly. I can’t tell you how many people tell me to wait until that moment comes. Telling me basically it’s only a matter of time until she hates something about herself. Messed up when you think of it that way huh?  She tells me she loves her sparkly shoes but she never says, “I hate those shoes”. She doesn’t know the word hate. She just knows she loves to wear the sparkle ones the best. She doesn’t judge kids by what they are wearing, if they smell, or if they are a boy or a girl for example. 99% of the time she tells me things she likes about her friends or any other kids she meets. When she tells me about what she doesn’t like about a friend or another kid, it’s a behavior or an action that kid took. Think about that…it’s pretty profound to me!

This girl teaches me to be more positive like her and to start each day with a smile no matter how crappy of a night I had. Focus on the positive, weed out the negative and life is all around much better!







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