Teaching Kindness

Over the last few weeks I have noticed my daughter is totally buying into tv marketing. During some of her shows the toy commercials are grabbing her attention as she says, “Mama, I want that!!” Well, around the same time she started the same song and dance whenever we were at Target. She would pick up toys and tell me she wants this and needs that. So, I figured this was a perfect age to start teaching her that we do no need toys and in fact it’s good to be kind to others and give to others.

Our bestest friends were very sick around this same time and so I decided this would be a great opportunity for my daughter to help pick out gifts and treats for friends to make them feel better. We headed to the store and naturally she kept picking out toys and things she “needed”. I kept telling her this day was about giving to others and we would not be getting anything for ourselves today. I must have repeated this a million times throughout the store but she got the idea. She finally changed her tune at the check out saying, “Oh Mama, if I had one of these, I would be sooo happy.” I looked at her and said, “Well, what is today about?” She replied, “giving to others.” Hooray, my message was heard!!

We spent the rest of the day putting a get well box together. We made moon sand, which we renamed palace sand and colored blue. She helped pick out stickers, from her own collection, to put on the boxes. Then, we made a rice sensory box that we renamed grass clippings and hid some toys in there as well. She had a hard time seeing the inflatable wands all blown up because she really wanted one. But again, we talked about how giving to friends makes us feel good and she was happy about that.

This was just a small lesson and surely will have to be repeated but I think it’s important for her to understand these things early.

Image 6

Image 4

Image 7

Flour, Oil, and Chalk Shavings=Moon Sand

Image 5

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