Dairy-Free Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookies


These cookies are amazing! The cream cheese def makes them a hit. I found some dairy free cream cheese and it is really good. I put it on anything I can. It’s fantastic and taste just as good as the real stuff. Not all dairy free items can taste as great and I still have […]

Teaching Kindness

Image 5

Over the last few weeks I have noticed my daughter is totally buying into tv marketing. During some of her shows the toy commercials are grabbing her attention as she says, “Mama, I want that!!” Well, around the same time she started the same song and dance whenever we were at Target. She would pick […]

Eggplant w/ Green Chermoula


Once again my new magazine, Eating Well, does not disappoint! I have been making a new recipe each night and they have all been healthy, dairy/nut free (didn’t have to modify or sub to do so!) and the hubs even has said he likes them. If he is up for some of these dishes I […]

Chasing a Clean House Dream

I have always been OCD about keeping up with a clean house. Over the years it’s been reduced to wanting a clean few rooms, a clean room, a clean space and now just a clean counter. Something was ingrained in me from childhood that if chores weren’t completed than I couldn’t have any fun. If […]

Sweet Potato Brownies & Dairy Free Chocolate Frosting


I am now on a dairy free diet due to my son’s suspected dairy allergy and so I have been on a baking spree making whatever I can to keep my sweet tooth happy. I’m learning all these cool acronyms (DF:dairy free) and reading labels like whoa! Plus, it’s been a new eye opening challenge […]

Who is the role model here?


I’ve got a toddler. There are many days and many situations where the things she does really frustrate┬áme. I know most are done out of curiousity and experimentation so to calm me down I really try to focus on that. Loading up her toothbrush with lotion because she wants to see how it taste Hearing […]