Super Bowl, Stairs, and Sun

This is how my Super Bowl Sunday went down. I put the kids down to nap and naturally just as one fell asleep the other woke up. I had my heart on a good nap as well but that didn’t play out. So, I checked my weather app (because I am pretty much at that age where I check the weather daily…okay a few times a day). This is what having kids does to you. You care about the weather. Like all the time. I saw how nice it was outside and so I got dressed, got kid #1 dressed and rounded up the hubby to go to the University to run some stairs and see the ducks. What toddler could refuse ducks and stairs?! So off we went and did a quick workout. My daughter loves her baby doll and her stroller so of course we had to take that up the stairs and then mom had to help her take it down the stairs. All part of the never ending picking up toys game we play daily. That’s okay because she had fun and we got some Vitamin D and some exercise! Oh, and made it home in time (4 min to spare) for kick off! Then, we all happily enjoyed our post workout meal: chicken wings, pizza, and twizzlers or “twiggers” as my daughter called them. It was a good day!!

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