New Workout Program-Before Pics

On Tuesday I started a new workout program. I like to write my own workouts but lately I am so tired that I mentally don’t have it in me to put together my own plan. So I am trying something new for the next few months and started planning my attack mode last week. I decided on a Tuesday start because I use Monday to run errands and get the house back in order or at least a game plan for the week. So I need Monday as a rest day/meal prep day. Also, I think it is more realistic that I can get a workout in on a weekend day because my husband is around to help with the kids. With that said, I made my meal plans for the week and although I planned for 5 originally, I am going to do 6 because with breastfeeding I need those extra calories and carbs. Then, I went to Sam’s Club and bought a ton of stuff to make these meals. I planned meals that have similar ingredients like bell pepper for example so that I would not have to be continually cutting new veggies or spending a ton on food. I like variety but I like keeping the meals simple and fast because one day I have time to cook dinner and the next day I can barely get a cracker in my mouth. That’s mom life right?! Always expect the unexpected!

I am doing this program Fit For Life and REALLY love following this girl. I have followed her blog and Instagram account for a few years now and she is fantastic! She has great tips, motivating posts and is not trying to push some advocare or any other supplement on ya. Her e-books are simple and you can tell she has put in time and effort into a quality book. I totally respect her! Plus, she has created an amazing support group on Instagram and the girls on there are kind, supportive and real! Many have created separate IG accounts just for this purpose which is pretty great as well. Sometimes it’s hard to find a workout partner so this community is great for that.  You can follow my progress on my IG account @habit_mom.

So, here we go…before pictures. I am taking weekly pictures with my little guy by my side to show real time! If you want to join, go buy her e-book and let’s go!! Summer is only a few months away and the days are going to pass by anyways so let’s make the most of it! Don’t put off good decisions today and be left with regrets and disappointment come pool season.


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