Comparison. This word popped in my head today during lunch after a brief conversation with some friends about my mama pooch. Let me just preface this by saying a few things. Lady 1: I hate you for your amazing artistic and creative eye and the ability to capture perfect moments with your children on film. It’s one of your natural abilities and talents and your kids are going to have some awesome scrapbooks. Oh and don’t forget how well dressed and stylish your kids are either. These kids look like they stepped off the baby runway. Seriously, you can put together an outfit like whoa! Lady 2: I hate you for your intellect. You are beyond book and street smart and I envy how you can balance both. I’m jealous of how your brain works as a mom and in the workforce. Mine is mush and I haven’t kept up with real news in months. Ok I lie, lots of months.  I’m not sure I could carry on a real adult conversation anymore. Your argumentative style is inspiring. The perfect mix of passion but compassion as well. I love the way you get your point across with confidence. These two ladies are my girls. I don’t hate them at all or their talents. They bring some awesome stuff to the table as women and I love them for that. In fact, they inspire me to get better at my passion because I see how awesome they are at theirs! That said, we all compare ourselves to others and envy some for one thing or another. I’m guilty of doing it with my mom abilities, my kids milestones, the type of wife I am, etc. All comparisons aren’t bad though. I follow a lot of fitness accounts and use them for inspiration because at the end of the day I don’t want to look like them. I want to look like me, but stronger!

Back to the pooch. So yes, they got me thinking I don’t have the typical mama pooch but to me it totally is a pooch. I have been an athlete my entire life and after coming to grips with a pregnancy that totally changed my body, this is my pooch. I realize for that reason it doesn’t make me very relatable or even likable. I can’t change that and I hope I never come across as trying to make anyone feel bad with my fitness posts/struggles. If anything I LOVE learning how the body works, changes, adapts, etc. I love how food and exercise can change not only your body but your mood and outlook on life. For this reason, I like to share what works for me because I may be skinny but I have fitness goals too. If I don’t work out with the intention to build muscle then I become a stick. My first born took all my nutrients during her first year via breastfeeding and I was dumb not to make nutrition changes to help my body. My mom was always telling me I was getting very thin and she was right. My baby got some GREAT nutrition but I didn’t do anything for myself and that was really dumb. Looking super thin was cool to me 10 years ago but now I’d like some shape and curves please. I may not look like the normal mom that has two kids but that doesn’t mean I don’t fight the mirror or closet battles every new mom fights. I do.




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