Colic Baby Workout

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Now that my son is 3 months old we seem to be past the crazy colic like evenings. It all started when he caught a cold at 3 weeks old and accompanied with reflux and lactose overload, he was super fussy every night as soon as the sun started to go down. I would spend a good 3 hours at least trying to get him comfortable and settled to go to sleep. This meant LOTS of walking around the house, rocking while walking, swaying and saying shhhh over and over. This was how I spent every night from when he was 3-9 weeks old I would say. It just about broke my back!  Around the peak of his fussiness (6 weeks) I got the most amazing gift from my husband. He bought me a big exercise ball to bounce on while holding the baby. This was truly life changing! I was able to sit on the ball near the dyer and bouncing him to sleep from that point on and my back was not on fire each night. This was also a great core engager! So I totally recommend getting one of these!  It makes sense that the second child likes lots of movement because he was always being rocked in my belly as I chased the toddler all day everyday. So expecting moms of kid #2 be warned!


The other great thing for fussy nights or days was putting him in the wrap on me. I still had to walk around the house while he was in the wrap to get him to sleep but it helped to be hands free. The other day I thought I should use that time to do some lunges. Aren’t we always multitasking as mothers?! Why hadn’t I thought of this before? I guess the weeks of sleep deprivation was keeping me from coming up with brilliant ideas. So after dinner the other night, the whole family headed outside. The hubs worked in the yard, the tot played with the dogs and I did lunges up and down the yard, driveway, anywhere and the little guy fell asleep easily. He was having a rough evening so this was great!! He is just so tall already that I had to help hold his legs up because they were getting caught as I lunged. We will def be doing these more because I like having a calm baby, snuggles, and a leg workout as a bonus!

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