Week 9 Mommy & Me Exercises (Transverse Abs Movements)

A little late on my weekly exercises but here we go…To close the loop¬†on transverse abdominus (that deep muscle under your 6 pack..umm or where we wish our 6 pack was), this post is all about exercises to work them out now that you have woke them up and know how to engage them. The plank and variation of the plank is suppose to be the most effective. Plus you can plank over baby, over a good book, over watching some Kindle, etc. Seriously, how can you not plank now??

But once you get the hang of how to do the engaging exercises: the vacuum and brace move mentioned here, you can do those moves while doing any regular ab move and get way more bang for your buck! A lot of mental effort for awhile to make sure you are working the TVA as well as your rectus abdominus (6 pack abs) but it’s worth it! I haven’t had sore “abs” in awhile and just doing a few sets of these had me sore the next day. I have to say, its good to feel that again! Of course any home workout is more fun when you do it with your little one so my little guy made his appearance…


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