Postpartum All clear

I just had my 6 week postpartum appointment which actually turned out to at 7 weeks post birth but it was a great appointment. I got the all clear to begin workouts again and to celebrate I used my Christmas gift cards to get some new workout gear. I know everyone says this but new workout clothes really do help the motivation process. Nothing like some new fresh clothes to get me in the mood to exercise. Now that I have been cleared to workout but I don’t plan to go all out quite yet. Instead, I plan to start slowly and see how things go. I have plenty to do between a new baby and a toddler who has a never ending amount of energy. Speaking of my toddler I also got cleared to lift her again. She is 32lbs now and they said not to lift her for at least 6 weeks. I told her for several weeks that Mommy could lift her once her boo boo healed and Ms. Kathy (my midwife) said Mommy was okay. She was so patient and understanding for SIX weeks. So when I lifted her for the first time she said while hugging me oh so tightly, “Mama you hold me! Your boo boo is gone? Aww Mama I’m so glad you can hold me!” It was so sweet and the best part of being all cleared again.

I’ve got some Mommy and me workouts in mind and hope to share. No gym and no set program quite yet.  I definitely am a home body workout kinda gal. Just getting in the habit of actively moving again. Oh and my walks are about to get a lot better because our new tandem stroller arrives in a few days. Yay! The temps will be oh so cold but with the right blankets, hats, etc I think we can manage to get a few strolls out and about. Hooray for fresh air!


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