I skipped the gym last week for Neal Caffrey

I went out of town last week without my husband but with the kids and I spent all my free time and late nights with Mr. Neal Caffrey. Do you know him? Can you blame me? He is the star of White Collar and I really enjoyed binge watching the show on Netflix  all week. Yes, I am super late to get in on this show but I’m hooked. Did I have you worried I was stepping out with another man? Ha, no worries there as Matt Bomer (actual name) already has a man in his life and a couple kids. I really needed that free time to just get lost in a show and remember how  good it felt to just sit down and unwind. So nothing to report for week 10 of workouts other than my sanity seems like it got a much needed boost. It’s so hard for us moms to find and take time for ourselves but I think my week of TV was just what I needed. Oh and if you don’t know who this guy is…here ya go. You’re welcome.



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    He’s my favorite. No joke, he’s on my “list” and my husband knows and totally agrees with me (I’m pretty sure he has a man crush on Matt Bomer, too). Actually, he got me the series on DVD (minus the last season that just aired) for my birthday. I know it’s on Netflix, but now I have him allllll to myself :)

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