Daily Crazy-December 31

I thought it would be fun to do a post now and then with a quick run down on what goes down in a day around our house. A bit of a look inside our crazy life with two kids, three if you count my husband, and a couple dogs. Some days the stars align and all goes as planned. Those days in which the kids are dressed in the morning, teeth brushed, no diaper blowouts or spit up outfit changes, mama has real clothes on, hair done, and her face together. Add in that everyone has been fed and gone potty, the diaper bag is packed, gas in the car, and the dogs are fed and not chasing anyone around the house. Ha, right those days rarely happen. But it’s nothing coming together that makes our whole day chaotic, fun, stressful but memorable. It reminds me that I am surrounded by life and little ones that make this  life interesting. So here we go. The last day of 2014 and here is how the day went down…

4am: Baby boy is awake, grunting and squealing because he has gas and needs to poop. I scoop him out of his rock n play and gently remove his luxurious soft warm, but very pricey blanket to avoid a poop blowout at any time. I make a mental note: find an awesome stain remover as blowouts are happening more frequently and my stain stick is about to be fired. Pat little guy in hopes of getting a burp out while walking around the bedroom as we listen to Daddy snore away. Little guy falls back to sleep around 5:30  and I climb back in bed.

6am: Baby boy is squealing again. Crap, I didn’t get all the burps out and now more gas? I go to change him but do some bicycle legs on him first.  A few minutes later I hear an explosive poop. I can tell this is a bad one. I unzip the PJ’s and yup it’s up and down his leg, his back, everywhere. Dang it, this is way beyond a wipe job. Time for a bath.

6:30am: Baby’s bath complete and no point in me trying to sleep. I’m up. However, hubby is not and still snoring away. I have a brief thought: Ahh to snore, to be in a deep sleep.. I’m jealous.

7:30am: Breakfast with my daughter and mom while baby sleeps in the swing. Mom is here helping out and spending her Christmas holiday break with us. Thank goodness for extra hands. I need them.

9am: Hubs is up getting ready to go to work and my mom is packing to leave back to her house. I notice everyone is dressed for the day but me. Thinking today is the day I’m going to wash my hair. It’s been 4 days and I need it. Plan to have a nice long shower once they nap.

9:45am: Back to just the two kids and I for the day. A reminder that the holidays are pretty much over and regular life resumes. I toss all the extra candy we didn’t use for the gingerbread house and realize I can’t tell my daughter, “sure you can eat one of those today because it’s Christmas!” Back to meal planning and prepping and tossing sugar!

10-11am: Do the dishes and make a cup of coffee. I gather my thank you cards, notes, and labels. I am going to knock out these thank you cards finally. Few sips of coffee and knock out half of one thank you card when my daughter asks for a snack. “Chocolate bar mama?” Again, this is a reminder she has had to many holiday treats. Get her a snack and just as I start to write another sentence the baby wakes and squeals. More burps missed. Lovely, shouldn’t I have this figured out by now as a second time mom??


Image 2

  Image 1

11:30am: Get him settled and fed and notice the toddler is running around the living room with her pants around her ankles but her tutu snug around her waist. It is our first day going potty with the extra layer of a tutu on so I can understand three things to pull up is a lot to ask! I get her pants up and go to finish the first thank you card. Bam, knock out three of them and look up and see the tot sitting and coloring. Aww how sweet. I take a picture. As she turns around I see her face and clearly I took the wrong picture. She has applied green crayon on her lips, eyes and all in between. Clean her up as she smiles in the mirror at her make up application. She is very impressed and I make a mental note to watch her more closely with crayons. As I say this to myself I notice her smile. Yup, green teeth. Thank goodness for non toxic washable crayons.


12pm: Feed the tot lunch: Peanut butter and jelly with a side of purple and yellow crayons. Kidding. There isn’t any nutritional value in crayons so clearly that’s off the menu. As she munches I get a few more cards written before the baby wakes again and as I walk to change him I see the dogs and wonder if they have eaten today. Mental note to text mom and the hubs to ask. Spoiler: I never did text either of them to ask and I’m not sure they got breakfast but extra dinner yes!

12:30pm: Naptime for the tot. Gather her blanket, make her potty and wipe her face and hands. Get her in bed and I sit to nurse the baby to sleep. She asks for baby. Get baby. She asks for water. Get water. She ask to play in her bed for 1 minute. Play. Normally I gather all the bedtime necessities but today I skipped it and it backfired. As I burp baby I notice I am still in PJ’s but my mental thoughts are now interrupted because now the dogs are barking at the delivery guy. Pray that the baby stays asleep as my tot jumps up to ask more questions about who is here and tell me the dogs are barking. Get her to lay down again and I rush to the kitchen to eat. Mentally thank my mom for making food that I quickly inhale as I hear the tot come out yelling, “Mama! Mommy” Mooommmmy!”. I feel like a broken record saying, “If you wake that baby…”. Then, I battle getting her to stay in her bed.

2pm: Throw in the towel with nap time as I munch on some Hershey kisses. Those were not getting tossed with the rest of the candy for the sole purpose of days like this. She isn’t going down and I’m calling it quits. Put her on the couch with her blanket and a pillow and turn on some Caillou. I can always count on Caillou to get her undivided attention. Finish my seventh thank you card. Wow that only took 4 hours. But the real question will be how long will they take to make it to the mailbox…

2:30pm: Get a call from the hubby just checking in and part of the call goes as such… HUBS: She (our daughter) told me last night she needs a new bed. She told me her bed is to hard and her bed is to small. I think we need to look at getting her a bigger bed. ME: Hmm, you do realize her Grandmother has been reading her Goldilocks and The Three Bears each night right? Does that sound familiar? She doesn’t need a new bed maybe just a new story. Hang up and the tot brings me a snack, a bag of trail mix that has been opened. As she follows me to get a bowl for it she spills it all over and tells me, “Look at this mess. Mama you clean it up.” Oh you funny child. Now get to sweeping.

Image 3

2:30-4pm: Plop down and enjoy tv, snuggles and snacks with my tot. Rest up for the nightly activities quickly approaching, also known as bedtime. Going to need all the energy I can for it.





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