7 Week Postpartum Exercises

As I said before I am not rushing into any hardcore workouts. That would just be asking for an injury off the bat. I spent the first 6 weeks caring for my baby and toddler and that was plenty of exercise. We did some walks but I was not actively trying to fit in a workout or even a walk if I was tired. After any type of birth, vaginal or C- Section your focus should be on resting and taking care of the baby and yourself. No need to rush into anything. So here we are, the start of my postpartum fitness journey. Here are 5 exercises I began with and did all week. These can all be done while watching tv, while baby naps or heck with baby next to you. They are good to do whether you had a vaginal or c-section, granted your doctor has cleared you for exercise again AND you don’t experience any pain while doing these. I am not a certified fitness expert, just a gal with a love for fitness so go by your doctor. These all get your body use to range of motion again. You want to work from the inside out starting by strengthening your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor. Where the heck are those you ask? Here is a picture because for me it’s always easier to have a visual to understand what is what.

Transversus abdominis


Cat/Dog: A good much needed back and spine stretch. Start on all fours and keep your hands under your shoulder and knees beneath your hips. Take a deep breath and when you exhale draw your abs in and round your back. Look towards your knees but not putting your chin to chest. As you inhale lower your belly and let your spine curve downwards. Do these slowly.


Downward Dog with calf stretch: A classic yoga pose. Start in downward dog and then alternate legs to stretch those calves!  Keep your abs pulled in as you do this.


Modified Bridge: Laying on your back lift your butt up to bridge position and then slowly lower to resting position. If you feel you are more advanced then upon lowering from bridge just hover and lift again. Slow and controlled is the key!


Leg Circles: While laying on your back and knees bent, lift one leg and do small circles. Do a few in each direction and then switch legs. Keep them small.


Bird Dog: This one is a must for a new mom. We carry our child so much and need that back strength. Start on all fours with a flat back. Pull your belly towards your spine and extend your right arm and left leg. If this is to difficult, that’s okay! Just do one arm extended and then do one leg extended until you can build up to both at one time. Switch sides.



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