1st Mama & Baby Home Workout

This week I am officially 8 weeks postpartum! After doing some basic exercises last week to start seen here I am ready to step up my game and use my baby weight to get going. Find creative ways to use your baby in your workouts. It makes it more fun and as they continue to grow and gain weight you get stronger! The best part is you can do these anytime, even in your PJ’s or like me when your toddler is occupied (so I thought) with eating her dinner and watching some Team Umizoomie. But as always make sure you are cleared for these exercises. We are all at different levels so listen to your doctor and your body as well. My little guy is weighing in at 14lbs so I’ll be doing these SLOW! Guess which photo my tot took? This is real life people! When you do your workout with two kids wide awake and a hubby that is still at work, you do what you gotta do to get it done. This is my best attempt at photos.

Baby Squats: Use your baby while you squat. I like to stand wide and go slow because these littles can be wiggle worms and I feel the most control that way.

Image 2

Side Leg Lifts: This requires good balance and since I have precious cargo in hand I go slow and keep it controlled.

Image 4

Planks: This is a fantastic exercise all around. You get to see that precious baby face below you while you plank and that just makes any workout better!  This is a great exercise to do to reestablish the connection between your brain and your abdominal muscles. Say what?! Since I had a C-Section its important that I make sure my muscles remember how to function and that I activate them. I have numbness above my incision so these engaging exercises in the early weeks help get that connection fired up again. More on this in another post…

Image 6

 Calf Raises: Not pictured but I do these just before I put my little guy to bed at night. He loves to be rocked, swung and basically wants me to keep moving non stop most nights (colic kiddo). So I do a few variations of calf raises with my toes pointed forward, facing out and facing in. Given that he is 14lbs it’s a good amount of weight to do some high reps and feel that burn!


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