5 Weeks PP

Hi everyone! I am back and hoping to get back to writing more frequently. There are many more challenges with two kids but I want to find time to write again especially when I get the all clear to start workouts again.

It’s been 5 weeks since I had my son and we had an amazing birth experience. It was smooth and we were blessed to have a healthy baby boy who weighed in at 9.02 lbs and 22 inches (a shrimp compared to his sister). I got to hold him right away after my C-Section and got to experience that first hour of bonding time with my newborn. It was nothing short of amazing and will always be a vivid memory in my mind. He slept on me the entire three days we spent in the hospital. Another experience I didn’t have with my daughter. The surgeon said I had little internal scarring and that all went beautifully. How often do you get told your insides are awesome and that the surgeon enjoyed the surgery?! Works for me. Since I had a spinal they had me on pain medicine through my IV for the next 24 hours. After that they asked me if I wanted perkaset  for pain to which I asked, “Is it going to be painful soon because I feel pretty good?” They suggested I stay ahead of the pain so I opted to alternate motrin and perkaset. By the 3rd day I was clear of both of them. It felt good to be passing all my blood tests, pee on your own test, get out of bed, etc. I was very motivated to check all the boxes to be able to get home with the little guy and back to seeing my daughter.

I feel I had a pretty great recovery. I went in for my post op appt after a week and the surgeon told me all looked great and no need to come back for a 2 week appt. The hardest part of the first two weeks of recovery was not doing much housework or pushing myself to hard doing things around the house. If you are a stay at home mom you know how tough it can be not to do anything for days and even weeks around your home. Your home is your workspace and it’s hard to not fall back into your routine. Did I just admit I missed housework? Well, for me it was hard to do nothing for  two weeks much less a week. Towards the end of two weeks I overdid it a few times and could feel some slight pain at my incision. That was enough to send me back to bed to rest until I felt better. Always good to listen to your body no matter how hard your mind is telling you to keep pushing!

So here I am 5 weeks later and I’ve been told I look super thin and like I never had a baby. While this is awesome to hear I know from having my daughter that the weight comes off quick for me and then seriously comes off to where I am just boobs and bones. It’s not a great thing. I credit this to my milk production and moving around constantly pre pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy. I make a lot of milk and all my nutrients go to my milk and my body shows that. I gained a total of 40lbs this pregnancy and have lost 30 of it. I don’t want to lose the other 10 because I think that is to thin. I am anxious to get the green flag to workout again just to weight train again to build back some muscle I have obviously lost. My body responded so well to this surgery and recovery as well. I can’t express how much staying active during pregnancy helped me post birth, physically and mentally. Even a short walk or doing small things to challenge your body during pregnancy can help down the road. It did for me. I also feel more energetic than I did the last trimester of pregnancy. Even though I am only getting a few hours of sleep and have two little ones that require my time and energy I feel pretty darn good most days. Could be the oxytocin from breastfeeding or the lack of sleep just has me loopy I suppose.

Like most women my belly is the last to hold on to fat and it did stretch for 9 months so I don’t expect it to go away quickly. Here is my starting point for getting back in shape post baby. Until I get the all clear (2 weeks I hope!) I can do walks and consider baby lifts a light workout.

Image 4

Image 3

Image 5

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