29 Weeks (Recap)

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Well officially we have 9 weeks or less depending on when little guy decides to come. I had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend because I got to go swimming twice! Not just bob around in the pool with my daughter, like usual, but actually swim laps! Thanks to my mom for coming down and letting me experience swimming pregnant again. Oh how I missed it! I swam so much with my daughter while pregnant but this pregnancy has been harder to get time away to hit the pool and much less find a decent pool in our town without paying some heavy fees for membership. This was my first time swimming laps while pregnant. Yea, sad huh? The best part of swimming laps was doing flip turns! Doesn’t that seem silly? They just came so naturally and felt amazing to do. I guess the appeal is that I really did feel non pregnant and weightless when doing them. I read many blog posts and comments about how so many women didn’t do them because their belly was to big to get themselves turned over or they felt off balance. I never felt better and on point! One thing I have noticed this pregnancy is that my body just wants to move and move like it did pre pregnancy. I know to limit myself but my mind just wants to do it all and go! I am grateful for my health and the ability to move as well and as much as I have through this pregnancy. I attribute a lot of this to staying active all the time…since childhood.

The second highlight of my weekend was that my daughter got to see me swim which was really a surreal moment to me. I love sharing workouts with her and teaching her things but having your child express excitement in something that you are and have been passionate about it just a joy! She has not stopped talking about how mama did “fip turn..whoosh” since last weekend. She wanted to do one so bad and kept asking me to do more. We also worked on her streamline hands and she practices that (all on her own doing) in the tub and in the car sometimes. It’s pretty cute!

It was an active week for me and the little guy in the belly. We took my daughter to open gym twice during the week and she got to run around and tumble. I ran around with her and had some light fun on the trampoline as well. It was a good light cardio session. I also had some much needed me time and attended my muscle fusion class. It was much harder than when I went weeks ago but it still felt good to move and do some weights.

Besides that this baby is moving more and more and he seems to be laying sideways as I feel most movement on either side of me vs. near my belly button. It’s an odd feeling to feel kicks near your sides. This is also due to my anterior placenta. I’ve gained 30lbs so top that with holding my 30lb toddler and my legs start falling asleep within minutes. I am getting up slower than before and sleeping is a toss and turn game but that’s normal. Other than that I feel really good and am grateful for my health each day and the ability to do the day to day things pain free.



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