Crap You Do To Have a Diaper Free Child

So as a first time parent I thought the hardest part of potty training would be the initial few days or that week it took to train her. Well this big girl on the potty thing isn’t all its cracked up to be. Yes we are saving money on diapers but there are other headaches with having a newly trained kiddo. Just because your kid can tell you when they have to go and know where to potty doesn’t mean you are off the hook…yet. Plus a regression here and there just makes it a lot of work somedays. Wishing your kiddo was potty trained? Hmm don’t be so jealous of those that are. Here is why:

1. You are now bending over all the time and wiping them more than when they were in diapers. Small potty is great for the kid but rough on the parents back. If you are pregnant this is more of a squat to get down so I am literally squatting all day. You are welcome honey. ;)

2. Wiping your kiddo after they go #2 is actually WAY harder when they are standing then the usual diaper change wipe that you have perfected by now. Seriously, it’s major work to clean them up.

3. Your clean, kept bathroom now looks like a war zone. Ours has a semi wet towel on the counter, excess water from her washing her hands (and whatever else she washes that is nearby when I am not looking), extra undies on the counter because I am tired of running to her room trip after trip. Oh and a bag of wipes on the counter because #2 demands wipes but sometimes #1 can trickle down the leg and wherever else that needs a quick wipe.

4. You think of the potty all the time when in public. You are now going to a public place scouting out where the restroom is and then doing more math equations in your head as to how long its been since they last went and if you need to check in with your kid (because mine is in distracted zone lately and will hold it…hold it..and then not hold it). Crap.

5.  The dreaded public accident happens and it’s not the small kind where their pants absorbed it all and you can scoop them up and go change them unnoticed. No, I am talking about the full on gallon of water all over the floor (so it seems) that makes a huge mess!   Then to make you blush a little bit more, your kid sees the puddle they created and jumps in it because that’s what you do in a puddle right?!

6. Small child + small bladder = large amounts of time in bathroom-constantly!

7. The washing machine is your new best friend and deserves a hug. That machine works super hard some days when we have a relapse during nap time or accidents (which has been going on a week straight now).

8. They peed before you left the house but while on the road they say, “I go potty” & the panic sets in. Where are you going to pull over and how quick can you do this? Thus, the Waterproof Carseat Liner which has been a LIFE SAVOR for these situations! It has captured a few accidents and left our carseat dry thankfully. We have an Evenflo carseat and the Britax liner we bought fits it just fine.

9.  Remember when they were a tiny baby and had diaper blowouts when you least expected and you had to think quick on your feet? Well start taking your brain food folks because those “oh crap!” times are back. They will tell you they have to potty at the most inconvenient times. Ex: You have made it through Wal-Mart and have been waiting in line for 10 minutes only to be  one person away from checking out and the kid has to potty. The 3 day training book didn’t tell me how to train my kid to hold it for situations like this! Pee your pants kid, we aren’t stepping foot in that Walmart bathroom. Or you just got to the Sam’s gas pump (another joyous wait) and they gotta go. This is where having a Lil’ Loo Potty in your car helps. I pumped gas while she went potty. We multitask like no other here!

10. You are now that parent in the public restroom saying, “Hold it. Hold it! Stop don’t move. Don’t touch that. Gross, don’t touch that. Aww, crap you touched it. ”


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