Be Your Own Motivation!

As a growing pregnant lady it’s hard not to notice how big I am getting with each growing day. I don’t step on the scale much anymore and when I do it’s to record my weight with the corresponding gestational week and note it in my journal to see how it compares to my first pregnancy. Turns out these pregnancy numbers seem to mirror one another. I have 12 weeks to go and I couldn’t help but look at photos of how I looked days before I had my first baby and then photos of how I looked a year after she was born. These photos make me feel good that I can bake a good sized baby, remain healthy and active and then work hard (when my body says its time) post pregnancy. I was 6 months post pardum before I even attempted a workout and even then I kept it light and manageable. I didn’t really commit to regular workouts and a good diet until my daughter turned one and as a result I got into the best shape of my life! Slow steady progress got me back in shape and I intend to follow the same “listen to my body” plan after baby #2. I am my own motivation and can’t wait to get back at it!

“Being negative and lazy is a disease that leads to pain, hardship, depression, poor health and failure. Be proactive and give a damn to achieve success!” -Phil Heath




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