3 Day Potty Training: Part 2

Here is my breakdown of how each day went. Since I am writing this on day 6 I can tell you how the following days after the initial 3 day training went as well. The subsequent days is the one thing I wish the book had addressed a bit more of.

DAY 1:

We had 18 pee incidents the first day. Of those 18, 9 were in the potty and 5 of the 9 occurred in the later half of the day. So trends show that as the day went on she got the hang of where to pee. The first day she didn’t vocally tell me she had to go. I watched her cues and her body language told me she needed to go. Many of the times she started to go in her undies but after I rushed her to the potty she finished in the potty-success! I also watched the clock and she seemed to need to pee about every 15-25 min.between the two I could time my overused phrase, “Tell Mama when you need to go potty and we will go okay?”. Then we would head to the potty and bam, she would pee. Then the rewards and happy praises came.  She took a 2.5 hour nap and I had her go potty before she laid down and she still wet the bed quite a bit. Once she got up I had her go to potty as well just to get in the habit.

This was the hardest day because when you watch a toddler for 12 hours and spend every 15-20 minutes going potty, running them to the potty or basically watching them to see if they potty its exhausting! I was counting down the time until bedtime because then I was free of watching her like a hawk. I wanted to give up after the first day but knew I had to at least try these 3 days and told myself by noon the next day I would be at the halfway point. For this reason I think it is super important to have your spouse read the book and offer you a break at some point. I spent the entire day doing things with her and neglected all housework or anything that couldn’t be done with one eye on her. By the evening I needed to leave the house so I put my hubby in charge for an hour and went to walk around Khols. It was just the refresher I needed.

DAY 2:

Today we had 14 pee incidents and 13 were in the potty. The one that didn’t make it to the potty or partly in the potty was her nap one. She didn’t go as often as the first day and she peed about every 45 min to an hour this day which was a huge relief to me to have a bit more of a break with running her to the bathroom. We had a wrench thrown in our day because we had to leave the house for my doctors appointment and she had to come with me. My husband got called into work for a meeting so I had no choice but to take her. The book says not to leave your house for the full 3 days, but life happened so off we went. I stuck her in a pull up because I just knew she would poop this morning since she hadn’t on day 1 and I would be tied up with the doctor being examined and all.  I continued the training as much as I could while there and she did pee in the potty at the doctors just before we were seen. Yay for that and she verbally told me! As I knew…she pooped while the doctor was scanning for the baby’s heartbeat so there was nothing I could do. She proudly told me she pooped so that counts for something. Then, when we got home we got right back to undies and her potty. She woke up from her nap less wet and the rest of the day she did great making it to the potty but again I went off her body language than relying on her verbally telling me.

DAY 3:

Today she had 12 pee incidents and all were in the potty! I was dying to leave the house so we went for a short walk to get the mail after her morning trip to the bathroom as to time it well. Today was the day she told me verbally “go potty” or “go poop”. She kept calling her need to pee or her start of a pee “poop” but we have slowly cleared that up. Today she went about every 1-1.5 hours and along with body language she would tell me verbally sometimes. So this was more progress. As for our bedtime routine, I would have her go potty before she got in the bath and then we would put a pull up on her and let her wind down. Then just before bed we would have her go to the bathroom as well and she would pee. This day was a great day and she was over any food rewards and more about singing about how she went potty or dancing with me in excitement.

DAY 4 & 5:

These are the days where I feel she really got the whole potty training idea down and upon waking in the morning she would start telling me “go potty” and off we would go to her bathroom where she would pee. I didn’t tell her to remind me or ask her any questions because I wanted to test out our 3 days and see if she could tell me. Trusting in her was the best thing because SHE DID TELL ME…ALL DAY! I was so proud of her. Also, during our 3 days we never got a poop in the potty because she only went in her pull up on day 2 so I continued with the praise on day 4 & 5 since she pooped these days and started her poops in her room in her little house. She woke up from her naps (both 2-2.5 hours) and was dry as well! A big accomplishment! We even went to a playdate on day 4 and she told me she had to go but had already peed a little in her pants by the time we got to the potty. Before we left she told me she had to go potty. This time with no accidents in the pants! I didn’t pack any pull ups or diapers. I just went with a change of undies and shorts. Was that scary? Yes. But I trusted in her and after all it’s just a change of clothes, no biggie.

DAY 6:

Today we ran several errands and I took her small potty in my vehicle so that if we needed a quick stop we could. I was also awaiting the arrival of my potty covers to use at public restrooms because we have had to use 2 in public and it just freaks me out. She does awesome but it’s me that can’t stand the germ factor risk! She had a poop in the morning and then we went about our day and sure enough she told me she had to potty while we were at our Dunkin Doughnut date. So we went to the car and she went on her small potty in the back. This is totally the way to travel and I am going to buy another small potty for the car for these incidents. How will we do a park day with no potty?! Yup, car potty! Another reason why I LOVE my big SUV..room for potty! She did great the rest of the day telling me and I feel really proud of her and less anxious about this whole thing knowing she can tell me now vs. me asking her every 30 minutes.


Yes this was an intense 3 days but to me it was worth the time than having to fight this issue for months at a time. I have no doubt there is a chance she will regress or have accidents and that is okay. But, I am really happy we did this method and feel so free without having diapers!! She never once cried about going to the potty. She never got upset or told me no and ran from the potty. I didn’t ask her if she had to go a million times a day. I put the power in her hands.  I didn’t force her to sit and wait on the potty to see if something happened. This method worked great because it gave her the power to tell me and learn her body. After reading so many forums on potty training and what moms have gone through I highly recommend trying this one out! It’s just 3 days of your life!



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