3 Day Potty Training: Part 1

This last month has been such a whirlwind of traveling to two different states and basically being on the go constantly. With our second baby due in 4 short months I really wanted to get our first kiddo (26 months old now) in her new room, new bed and get her potty trained. While her and I were out of town visiting family, my husband put together her new bed in her new room. Upon coming home she was so excited for her new bed I threw out all plans for a couple week transition and let her sleep in it that first night. She was ready for it and I just followed her cues! Since she had her new bed and new room checked off my transition list it was time to potty train.

I bought the  ebook 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen and it was a quick 30 page read. I spent about a week preparing everything I would need for this intense 3 day training. Basically, the idea of this method is to spend a solid three days at home with your child continually telling them to let you know if they have to go potty. That’s right, you don’t leave home at all! They get rewards for pee and poop and you keep them in a t-shirt and underwear only. You watch them non stop and catch them mid accident and rush them to the potty to finish. Here is how it all went for us and what I followed from the book and what I ditched. We are on day 5 now and I am obviously expecting an accident or several from time to time but overall we have been successful with this method. My kiddo now comes to ME to tell me she has to potty. I don’t have to ask her or get her to “try”.


Small potty: I like the small potty because it allowed me to sit on the big potty while she sat on her little and let her see Mama would go as well. Also, I am 6 months pregnant and lifting her on a big potty over and over seemed exhausting. I have no doubt she will transition to a big potty with ease.

20 pairs underwear: We went through about 12 pairs the first day so having some extra to begin day 2 was nice. The last thing I wanted to do when she fell asleep for the night was laundry. It helped to have more than enough because its an exhausting process.

Wipes: I bought her a small pack of Kandoo wipes to show her that since she is a big girl we use different wipes. But save your money. If you still have baby wipes they work just fine for poo time. I don’t think she noticed either way.

Rewards: I bought a bag of sprinkled pink and white animal cookies, a jar of gummie vitamins, a pack of bouncy balls, and a few matchbox vehicles. At first one cookie each time she peed was a great motivator and then I think she got enough sugar so we switched to balls as a reward and these were even better! She loved picking a colored ball for going potty. The gummie vitamins were going to be given to her daily anyways so I used them as a reward but it benefited her as well. She got a toy for each time she pooped which was our big motivating gig and it paid off.

Two waterproof mattress pads: Gotta give credit to the hubby here for this one. He purchased two with the idea of layering them so each time she had an accident I could just strip one pad and one sheet and be set with the remaining pad and sheet underneath. Well I didn’t layer them but it was really helpful to always have one clean pad waiting since   the ones we bought have to be air dried to avoid shrinking. Again, another helpful item to have more than enough to be preparred for the next days events. Fail to prepare means you are prepared to fail!

Step Stool and faucet extender: The stool helped her get up to wash her hands herself and we will use it for the big potty when we get to using that one as well. I had never thought to buy a faucet extender but one came in her monthly Citrus Lane box and it was perfect timing! This growing belly makes it hard to help her lean over to get to the water so the extender made it 100 times easier for her and me!

Small cup: I just happen to stumble upon this idea because she found a small cup and started going to the bathroom to fill it up for drinks of water. This helped keep her full of liquids to keep the pee trips coming. Bonus was that she felt independent getting water so she loved staying hydrated those few days!

Liquids: The books says to keep them full of liquids so that you can make more pee trips, thus imbedding the idea of how to potty in their brains. I let her pick out a box of popsicles as part of this process. We also made some homemade healthier ones as well. Beyond that she drinks lots of water anyways and so we did a few extra drinks of coconut water, smoothies, and milk on occasion. But honestly the popsicles were enough to keep her happy and running to the potty.

Activities: Being at home, inside, for three days straight means you need stuff to do. I bought new puzzles, had the Kindle charged and thought up some craft ideas to keep us busy. We watched more tv than usual (while eating lots of popsicles naturally) but we also did a lot of projects together which was fun.

Parent’s Reward: I highly suggest you treat yourself to a drink or treat at the end of each day. The first two days are exhausting and when the kid goes to bed it’s totally worth it to put your feet up and induldge. Since I am pregnant a drink was not an option so I happily scarfed an entire bag (per night) of popcorn while watching a movie with the hubs. Yea, he was shocked at how much popcorn I ate but after a day full of liquids I was ready for some salty goodness! I earned those carbs!

I followed about 90% of what the book said to do. I didn’t toss the diapers because we have a second kid coming and diapers aren’t cheap. I had about 40 left so there was no way I was tossing them. The book says to toss them so you don’t have a crutch.  This makes sense and it depends on how strong willed you are but to me this 3 day potty training was like putting her in her toddler bed. I was mentally ready for the battles and hardship but I was committed 100%.  To me there is no point in starting something just to back out before you give it a full fair shot. I didn’t do the night training because I only have 4 months left before a newborn takes my full nights of sleep away. I am okay with sleep training later. For this reason I used pull ups for night time and after her bath I told her we would wear our overnight underwear (pull ups). She has never used pull ups before or seen the designs so to her they were new just like her underwear. She has kept them dry until bedtime each night and since we treat them like underwear she tells me when she has to go potty. She does pee during the night because in the morning they are wet. But I am okay with this. I had no desire to sleep by her bed all night and wait for her to stir only to wake her to see if she had to potty. My husband sleeps like a rock so he would clearly fail at this overnight task and I am pregnant and NEED sleep so I wasn’t about to abandon that! For naps, I keep her in underwear and make her go potty before her nap. The first four days she peed during her nap but each day she woke up less wet and peed more in the potty. The 5th day she slept two hours and woke up dry! She played for a few minutes and then told me she needed to go potty. Yay for progress!! I am expecting some accidents and that is okay. I keep her routine the same by having her go potty before the nap and right after her nap.

The next blog I will post how each day went as each day got easier and better for her and I! Overall, I am happy we did this method and it was worth the hard 3 days of consistent work if it means she keeps coming to me vs. me asking her every 3o minutes if she has to potty. Only time will tell but so far I am impressed and recommend this method.

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