18-25 Weeks..Catch Up

It’s been quite awhile since I gave a bump update but we have had an eventful summer of travels that has kept me busy. Since our baby is due in November we won’t be traveling for any holidays so we had to make the most of this summer and me being early in the pregnancy. I haven’t done as many workouts as I would like at this point but I am trying to eat well and do what I can. I remember having a lot of energy in my second trimester with my daughter but with this pregnancy I have been tired the whole time. I still nap when my toddler naps and take advantage of putting my feet up when I need to. I made it to the gym a few times while we were in Texas and that felt great!

I got pregnant with my daughter at 133lbs and by 25 weeks I weighed 160lbs. I got pregnant with this one (baby boy) at 123lbs and currently weight 150lbs. So both pregnancies I have gained the same amount (27lbs) in the same amount of time. I am starting to feel the struggles of a big belly with getting up and down off the floor and bending over. Here are some pictures to account for some┬álost weeks, weeks 18-25…

Image 14

18 Weeks

Image 13

19 Weeks

Image 1 Image 3


Image 4

Image 5

Image 7

Image 8

Image 12

25 Weeks

Image 11

25 Weeks



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