Be Your Own Motivation!

As a growing pregnant lady it’s hard not to notice how big I am getting with each growing day. I don’t step on the scale much anymore and when I do it’s to record my weight with the corresponding gestational week and note it in my journal to see how it compares to my first […]

Mini Peach Cobblers

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When your fellow pregnant friend posts a recipe on Facebook that catches your eye AND you realize you have all the ingredients you tell your husband to get the kid in the bath┬ábecause you have mini cobblers to make! I love a good peach cobbler and this miniature one is just perfect and tasty! Oh […]

Crap You Do To Have a Diaper Free Child

So as a first time parent I thought the hardest part of potty training would be the initial few days or that week it took to train her. Well this big girl on the potty thing isn’t all its cracked up to be. Yes we are saving money on diapers but there are other headaches […]

18-25 Weeks..Catch Up

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It’s been quite awhile since I gave a bump update but we have had an eventful summer of travels that has kept me busy. Since our baby is due in November we won’t be traveling for any holidays so we had to make the most of this summer and me being early in the pregnancy. […]

3 Day Potty Training: Part 2


Here is my breakdown of how each day went. Since I am writing this on day 6 I can tell you how the following days after the initial 3 day training went as well.┬áThe subsequent days is the one thing I wish the book had addressed a bit more of. DAY 1: We had 18 […]

3 Day Potty Training: Part 1

This last month has been such a whirlwind of traveling to two different states and basically being on the go constantly. With our second baby due in 4 short months I really wanted to get our first kiddo (26 months old now) in her new room, new bed and get her potty trained. While her […]