Pregnant Couch Potato

I have had many people ask me why I am even working out pregnant when I should just kick back and enjoy this time and not worry about gym time. I know for some pregnancy is a time to lay back and veg out but for me it’s just not my lifestyle. First off I have a two year old and that means pregnant or not, we run around a LOT! It’s pretty much a daily workout having a toddler. Second, my first baby was almost 11lbs and I gained about 45lbs so staying healthy is important to me and for my baby in the belly. Could you imagine how big my kid would have been if I had been a couch potato my first pregnancy? Third, I have several motivators for keeping up with this active lifestyle. Working out makes me feel comfy and cozy like a good pair of sweat pants or even a snuggly blanket. I feel I can escape all my thoughts and just focus on a workout. Then I walk away from it feeling even better and more relaxed. It really is my me time where no one is grabbing me for attention and it makes me feel like me. I also am staying active for two VERY important events this September, when I will be 32 weeks preggo and needing all the energy I can get. I have my brothers wedding which I am in and also happens to be a catholic wedding. That means lots of standing for this preggo so I will need extra balance, short shoes, and energy. Then, we are planing to take our tot to Disney Land for the day. Her first visit ever! With all the walking and a long day I want to be able to hang as much as I can with her to enjoy her enjoying the park. That has to be my sole motivation for working out at this point..make it to DISNEY LAND!!

I may not be getting to the gym as much as I would like but I have made a habit of attending one class, once a week that gives me a run for my money. It’s a mix of cardio and weights and I have a love hate relationship for the class. That can only mean, it’s effective! We do a ton of leg work and I enjoy this so much because I need strong legs to help support all the weight that comes with pregnancy. The instructor is great and motivating and I enjoy her class each week. I am usually pretty tired the next day but it’s my one time a week to get a good workout in, feel the music and enjoy my time!

At 18 weeks now I am starting to feel pregnant and some tasks are harder than before but not yet impossible. Bending over to put on pants or shoes usually reminds me that I am pregnant! Not as easy as it use to be! The belly is growing and if this kid is like sister, the kid will be growing rather quickly in the next few weeks giving me a rapid weight gain. I am currently loving Old Navy maternity clothes. Their shirts are fantastic and even great for workouts. I can’t fit into much of my regular shirts anymore and those that fit just seem to tight and constricting. I am finally feeling my workout pants are getting to snug so its time to find some bigger ones or maternity ones. I am also taking midday naps because it just helps me get through the rest of the day. I am not going to try to be a hero and not rest when my body tells me I need it. Our little girl is understanding more and more that Mama has a baby in the belly. She is offering baby popsicles, kissing my belly, and pulling my shirt down at doctors appointments, “cover baby” she says.

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