First Trimester Roundup

Whoo, I just completed my first trimester with baby #2 and this one was TOTALLY different than my first pregnancy. I was much more sick this go around and chasing a toddler around daily added to the exhaustion. I can’t say I wasn’t warned because many second time moms told me it would be different. Before we got pregnant I knew I wanted to have a really healthy productive pregnancy but as soon as I hit 6 weeks my body and hormones took over and I dropped pretty much all workouts and all healthy eating. All I wanted to eat was carbs, primarily Wendy’s chicken sandwiches and their apple pecan salad. I was on the fast food train and everything including McDonalds breakfast sounded amazing. From the start of 6 weeks I had 24/7 nausea and nothing kept it away. I stopped cooking in the evening when my nausea got really bad and that definitely led to a lot of eating out for the family and more crackers for me. My dinners were primarily crackers and toast. I did manage to get some walks in with my kiddo but the exhaustion definitely took over full force and our daily outings and errands were the only exercise I was getting. During these weeks I really found comfort in reading a few other moms blogs who pretty much gave up their exercise and diet routine because of similar experiences during the first trimester as well. This gave me hope and let me relax a bit because these ladies were second time moms with a passion for fitness, some even fitness competitors, and if they could take time off to listen to their body, well so could I. So, I decided to nap when my kid napped each day and she ended up watching quite a bit of TV on certain days that I just couldn’t do much. Lucky for me she is a snuggler so we spend some good afternoons watching her shows, coloring, or reading. I had to get over the guilt of being a “lazy” mom to my kiddo because my body was telling me to rest and take care of me. It wasn’t easy to accept for sure.

During my first official provider appointment I happen to see the newest provider on rotation and she clearly had not read about my previous pregnancy. In short, during my first pregnancyI gained a total of 45lbs and in a two month span I gained 20lbs total. I think it was during month 5 & 6. At the time they were concerned for such a rapid weight gained so I went through a variety of blood test and of course a glucose test. All came back normal and again I reminded them that I was very active daily and ate well minus the road trip fast food and the normal pregnancy indulgences here and there. Well I had always measured (when they measure your belly with a tape measure) 3 inches ahead of the number of weeks pregnant I was. I was big…always! Skip to my daughters birth @ 38.5 weeks and she was 10.10oz, 22.5 inches and my placenta was double the size of a normal one. Basically, genetics got me on this one! So knowing all that we know I just have big kiddos, even while being healthy. Well skip back to my recent appointment where the provider raised a bit of concern that I had gained “some weight” ( 9lbs on their scale and 7lbs according to mine) as she said and I was only 11 weeks. I informed her that my food choices lately were definitely poor so I take responsibilty for that. She said that no woman is expected to eat well that first trimester so I didn’t do anything wrong there. Then, she told me I still needed to have a goal of 20-30lbs total weight gain. I felt this was very unfair as I just am not a normal weight gaining woman when it comes to pregnancy. For those women who go the first 12 weeks and gain 1 pound or lose weight…wow. That’s never going to be me. The minute that pregnancy test turns pink my body starts storing fat. This appointment was really upsetting to me. I let the scale get to me. I know better. I know my history and have to trust my body is doing what it has to do. Of course I called my mom in tears because that’s what you do right?! Thankfully, between her and my husband they talked some sense into me and put things back in prospective. I am going to own this weight gain and trust this process because that’s all I can do. I understand why doctors, midwifes, etc are concerned about your weight and at the rate you gain or lose but I am at the point where I may not even want to track it and ask them to not tell me. I figure if I am doing everything I need to do, staying active, eating well, etc then why should the focus be on my weight?! Bottom line, I don’t fit in the norm boxes they want to stick me in and I no longer want to feel guilty or bad about it.

I am looking forward to feeling more energetic this second trimester and eating better. I already feel the tug towards fruits and veggies and now the thought of fast food grosses me out. I have been eating a ton of fresh fruit (can’t get enough) and I am currently addicted to hummus with veggies in a wrap pretty much daily. I am now experiencing most of my nausea in the evenings and I have found that if I keep busy I don’t notice it as much. So this is when most housework and random things get done to keep me busy! I started my workouts again and hope to share this weeks worth next week once I complete them and get a feel for how I do with them. I am not giving up my weights but I am watching my intensity level, my heart rate and overall listening to my body. My Polar watch has become super handy in tracking my heart rate! Now to tackle this second tri!

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    Katy says

    Looking great. Don’t worry about weight gain, if you are doing all you can, you’re doing great! You have big babies! Keep up the good work girl!

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