14 Weeks Weekly

Week 13 was spent cleaning and party prepping for the little’s 2nd Birthday so I got zero workouts in. Thus, why we are here at 14 weeks with a post. I decided I am lacking motivation in the home workout department and needed something extra to get me moving so I joined a gym..with a daycare! So far it’s been great and I feel more motivated to workout knowing we have a new outing during the week. My little is not as excited about the daycare as I was. We are working on that. It also helped that the hubs bought me a new pair of bright sneakers for that extra motivation. They are pretty comfy and I love a new addition to my shoe collection!

I ate really well this week with the occasional side of Oreo’s or ice cream left over from the birthday party. Other than that, I feel like my bump has gone down a bit (probably all bloat) due to my diet changes and eating healthy. I am craving tons of this cowboy caviar which is 100% fresh and healthy. I also can’t get enough apricots or peaches. The fresh fruit is just wonderful this time of year. Besides that, my daily must have is a soft pretzel with melted cheese on top. I make one about 10am each day. It’s soooo good! I am feeling more energetic and getting back into the workout scene has been great so far.

My first workout of the week was Wednesday at the gym and I did a muscle fusion hour class. I think I overdid it because I was exhausted once I got home and was pretty beat the entire next day. I modified a lot of moves and kept an eye on my heart rate pretty closely. As a result, I was shocked to see I burned 650 calories in 55 minutes!! I am by no means concerned with my calorie burn each workout because its not the time to lose weight but wow 650 is a new record for me! With all the extra blood my heart is working harder at a less intense level so I was able to get a really good workout in and not push as hard as I would if I weren’t pregnant. It was hard to not push super hard and complete each move because I get competitive but I knew it wasn’t a wise choice and pulled back.

Thursday, I was still so tired that we just did housework, a few errands and in the evening I forced myself to do a walk with my little around the block. We had a nice walk, chat and I felt better knowing I moved that day.

Friday, I hit the gym for a quick shoulder/glute workout. I haven’t been to the gym in so long I really did have to look closely at the machines and figure out what they did. I have been a free weights girl for so long that I had to reacquaint myself!


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