12 Weeks Preggo Weekly Workouts

Last week I started working out again. It’s true that first step is the hardest but then it slowly gets easier. Since I took probably about 2 months off from working out my leg day routine left me sore for 5 days!! I felt like I was walking like a 9 month preggo lady all week due to it.  I didn’t get a full weeks worth of workouts in as planned but my little girl was feeling ill due to her shots so she needed lots of snuggle time and was super clingy because she is getting her 2 year molars as well. Thus said, the free time I had was spent cleaning the house or resting myself. But hey for week one I think a few workouts are better than none! Here is what I did:

Monday: Leg Circuit (3x Through)

WU- 30 squats no weight

Three way lunge

Squats w/weight

Bulgarian Split Squat (OMG…this is what made me sore for days but its SUPER effective for the tush!)

Leg Lifts

Pulse Lunges

Calf Raise

Tuesday: Social Cardio

I had a full day of cardio, in which I have renamed, Social Cardio. I had a morning playdate, rushed home to fix lunch and put the kid down for a nap. Got a few things done then had to wake the kid up to drive an hour to meet the Father In Law for dinner, and it was our wedding anniversary so I had that going on too!

Wednesday: Back & Biceps

Resistance band lat pull downs

Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

Wide Grip RB lat pull downs

Dumbbell Curls


Hammer Curls

Thursday: Yoga Fail

We were suppose to attend a parent/kid yoga class but my kiddo put herself down for a super early nap and we missed it. I crawled right into bed too…at 10:30am.

Friday: Mama Warrior Cardio, Strength and Mental Training

It is quite the challenge and quite the workout to pick your kid up about 100 times before noon and carry them as they must be involved in whatever you do (even the bathroom). My kiddo is about 30lbs now so I say I had a good day of exercise. The poor kid had shots the day before and started getting her 2 yr molars so all she wanted was to be held by mom.

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